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Our History

After a first career as a Purchasing Agent for local defense contractors, I started Clark Custom Painting in 1990. As a teenager growing up in San Diego, I helped my parents with rental property painting and learned a lot of the skills that we still employ today. As a young married man with two small children, I would work weekends and summer evenings painting houses to make ends meet. When I decided I had enough of the corporate world, it was a natural progression for me to go back to painting houses.

At first I worked alone. Most of the homes I was painting at that time were very old and in severe disrepair. These homes served as a “trade school” for me as I had to develop repair skills to go along with the painting work. As my skills and business grew, I moved into historic restoration. I worked and still work on homes in all of the older neighborhoods of San Diego. Of course, we also work on newer homes and in fact this has become the core of our business. Interior, exterior, old or new, we are experts in all phases of home painting.

In 1998 my son Adam joined me in the business as an apprentice painter and has progressed to Superintendent. It didn’t take long for Adam’s skill to surpass his father’s. We now employ several journeyman painters working jobs all over town. In 2005 we became J. Clark & Sons. By the way, so he doesn’t feel left out, my oldest son Justin worked for us during his college years but ultimately decided medicine was a better career path. He is now a board certified surgeon with the USAF in Anchorage, Alaska. Kids!

In the future, this blog space will be used to try and provide our customers with tips for homeowner painting projects including stucco repair, wood repair and replacement, molding installation (Crown, baseboard, casings, wainscot), plaster and drywall repair and texturing, just to name a few.